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Want to be Britain's Next Top BAME Fashion Designer? (Sign Up Now)

by Boris Hodakel  • January 21, 2019 • 2 min read

We are offering one budding fashion designer from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) background the chance to create their own capsule fashion collection for free!

We are launching the campaign in a bid to encourage more people from an ethnic minority into the design industry, by giving one talented designer a head start. We decided to launch the campaign after our internal data showed just 14% of the designers that use our platform are from a BAME background. We did some digging and discovered more stats that show BAME employees in the design industry make up just 12% of all design managers and business owners and the sector is 90% white. Considering how diverse British society is, this is shocking. Unfortunately, we can’t help every fashion designer from a BAME background, but if we can help one break into the industry, we’ll be happy. We will foot the bill for the winning individual’s capsule range of three items, covering all costs up to £800. Pattern samples of the items will be created prior to manufacturing and the garments will be delivered to the winner once the full manufacturing process is complete. The winners will be selected by a panel of our fashion experts on the 10th December, so all submissions need to be in before or on the 9th December.

Budding designers applying will have to tell us about themselves, why they would like this chance and anything else we might need to know about their designs. Applicants must be from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background and be between the ages of 16 and 25 years old and live in the UK. Applications without images or jpegs will not be considered, so please make sure you upload good photos/images of your designs.

Boris Hodakel, founder of Sewport, said, “Hundreds of designers use our platform every day and the lack of individuals from a BAME background is shocking. Once I investigated this further, I was inspired to help people from minority backgrounds to start a career in fashion, by giving them a head start. I think people think fashion is an impossible industry to get into because of how competitive it is. But the truth is that fashion is really lacking in diversity, and this needs to change. We hope lots of budding fashion designers sign up and put forward their designs, I genuinely can’t wait to see them!”


About the author:

Boris Hodakel is the founder and CEO of Sewport - an online marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers, former founder of various clothing manufacturing services. He is passionate about e-commerce, marketing and production digitisation. Connect with Boris on LinkedIn.