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Innovative tools to help you source manufacturers

by Boris Hodakel  • December 10, 2018 • 2 min read

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The fashion industry can be a fiercely competitive nut to crack but with the latest in FashionTech innovation, there are a few ways to open the door to resources that’ll help get your brand off the ground. One of the top concerns for designers breaking into the industry is start-up capital. Even if you have a solid foundation, choosing what manufacturers to use that money with can make or break your first collection. Not only does this initial line have to be cost effective, it need to strike a balance between quality and style. So where do you start looking?

Sewport , a new platform for both new and established brands has developed an all-in-one service for the fashion industry. This invaluable resource connects each part of the development process with fluidity from initial contact to final product. Take a look at how it could help you bring your ideas and brand to life.

Browse clothing manufacturers

Long gone are the days of having to be a part of an elite group to get the best deals in the fashion industry. If you have little or no experience and zero contacts when looking for a supplier, using Sewport opens up a line of communication to many industry professionals looking to work with new brands. You can search manufacturers that are relevant to your requirements and explore the services each offer to get the right product for your new collection.

Filter and find the perfect supplier

If you have an exact idea for your brand, you can use the platform to filter manufacturers that are the best fit for your needs. You can choose what type of supplier you’d like to work with including full service garment factories to sampling studios and pattern cutters or select companies from specific countries including UK based clothing manufacturers.

Communicate with intelligent tools

Communication can be one of the biggest stumbling blocks when bringing a new collection to fruition. The Sewport platform has intelligent tools to make this process smooth and hassle free so you can manage the whole project from start to finish. For easy communication, messages are stored in one section and if you need to go back through them, the smart finder also helps you explore the information you need quickly. This useful resource also enables you to collaborate with several people on the project and add relevant attachments to conversations.

Manage your project

The beauty of the Sewport platform is it enables you to monitor everything from first communication through to production. The dashboard area has been developed for ease of use and total transparency throughout the process. Both you and your chosen manufacturer can add notes and track workflow plus easily share the project with others. You are also able to make payments securely and download invoices and records with ease.

Sign up to the Sewport platform today and start chatting to clothing manufacturers about your next project.

About the author:

Boris Hodakel is the founder and CEO of Sewport - an online marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers, former founder of various clothing manufacturing services. He is passionate about e-commerce, marketing and production digitisation. Connect with Boris on LinkedIn.

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