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6 Question Interview with Founder of Yummy Yoga Girl - Natalie Farrell

by Boris Hodakel  • December 10, 2018 • 2 min read

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This week Sewport interviewed multitalented Natalie Farrell. She is a Health and Lifestyle Coach, Yoga Teacher, Master Hypnotherapist and Founder of Yummy Yoga Girl yoga wear. Natalie shares with us the inspiration behind her yoga-cantered company and gives advice how to start a clothing brand.

S: Please tell us about Yummy Yoga Girl, what is this brand about?

N: Yummy Yoga Girl is an online wellbeing and lifestyle shop. A place where people can go week on week to find fresh inspiration on healthy living, implementing changes in their lives and shop for colourful clothes and beautiful accessories to bring joy into their lives.

S: How did you get the idea for it?

N: I wanted a company which would combine my passion for yoga and all the benefits yoga brings to our lives. I chose the name because I am always using the word Yummy! And Yoga Girl because ultimately my clients are looking to live a yogini lifestyle.

S: After you decided you want to start a clothing brand – what was your first step?.. what about the 2nd step you took?

N: The first step began on my travels in India. I went to visit a clothes factory in Jaipur to feed my curiosity of how it all works! How do you choose fabric? What would a factory need in order to make my designs? I learnt a lot and enjoyed being a small part of the factory I visited. All the workers were so happy to chat to us too which was great.

Second step was a chance meeting on a snowy day in Tunbridge Wells, UK where I met Sue Mee Maudsley at a yoga class. We got talking over tea afterwards and I discovered she was a fashion designer and consultant. I felt confident from the offset to collaborate and work together to produce a range of yoga clothes.

S: Is this your first time starting a clothing line? Why are you starting it now?

N: Yes, it is. Because it is a continuation of my bigger picture vision for the brand, offering women a triad of Yummy Things!

1: coaching for support and growth

2. yoga lessons to stay healthy and happy

3. clothes which they can wear with confidence and pride.

S: What do you think people find exciting about your brand? What do you find exciting about it yourself?

N: The colours and the fact that the designs offer solutions to annoying situations they find when practising yoga. For example, the 2 way tie up vest top called Ella is great when practising inversions as it stays close to the body rather than falling down but can be worn loose too in a slow practise.

I just love the colours and the softness of all our fabrics and that we are building a slow fashion brand staying true to my values and beliefs on conscious shopping.

S: What can you recommend / suggest to all people who want to start a clothing brand? What can you suggest doing so that it becomes easier for people?

N: I recommend talking to experts within the field of fashion, marketing and independent business owners. If they are designers themselves, understand the step by step process required when working with a manufacturer.

Also to know and realise that it takes time to build the brand and begin as soon as you can to build a client base so you can share your story from the offset.

Continue your healthy living with Natalie at www.yummyyogagirl.com

About the author:

Boris Hodakel is the founder and CEO of Sewport - an online marketplace connecting brands and manufacturers, former founder of various clothing manufacturing services. He is passionate about e-commerce, marketing and production digitisation. Connect with Boris on LinkedIn.

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