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fashion designer

Natalie, UK

Womenswear designer

I found the best prices for my dress apparel line production in no time. Allowed me to reduce manufacturing costs by almost 200%.

fashion enterpreneur

James Smith, USA

Sportswear brand owner

Finding Sewport saved my business. After my manufacturer closed down I could not find a quality supplier for ages. I took me less than 48hours to find a new one here.

fashion businessman

Samuel, EU

Luxury start-up brand manager

I like that I can manage the processes and communicate with my suppliers directly. This is the exact no-agent model the fashion industry needs.

Services on Sewport

create sample pattern

Sample & pattern

Manufacturing clothes in bulk will require patterns, grading and a pre-production sample to be approved. We have service providers to do all of that.

clothing orders

Small & large

Once sampling is complete, you are ready for bulk production. Our factories have the ability to produce from 50pcs per style to thousands and more.

full service cmt manufacturers


We welcome start-ups and emerging brands with factories that offer full package production & also have cut make trim manufacturers for those experienced and mature clothing brands.

source materials fabrics


If you require fabrics or trims for your fashion production run, we can help as Sewport has plenty of sourcing specialists as well fabrics & trims manufacturers.

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Our mission is to help small & medium fashion brands start a clothing line and solve production needs by offering a modern platform for sourcing suppliers online







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Starting your own fashion business?

Everything to source apparel production with just a couple of clicks.
From fashion designers to clothes manufacturers and anything in-between.

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What is Sewport

An digital platform to help you source high quality clothing manufacturers and suppliers. From sketch to production and everything in-between.

Sourcing manufacturing facilities to get quotes can take weeks or months! With Sewport – just a couple of clicks.

New to clothing production?

Here is how clothing manufacturing usually works:

fashion design sketch

1Your Idea - design, sketch, tech pack

Finalise the design. Create a product specification or Tech Pack. Here at Sewport we will find and connect you with companies or individuals who specialise in design and specification preparations for your Idea.

Be sure you have this covered before you proceed to have your sample made as these documents will be your blueprint moving forwards.

fabrics trims clothing

2Decide on the fabrics and trims

Define the materials you will need to use for your project. You can do this yourself or you can consult with a specialist, who will work on each style’s fabric choices for you.

It’s good to experiment but remember that not all experiments work out, so you will need to be patient. Don’t forget about smaller components, such as trims, zips and buttons. This will also need to be defined at this stage.

sample pattern cut sew

3Pattern making & Prototyping

Pattern making is a process of making template pieces of a garment. Usually, cut out from thick paper or created digitally with software, these templates are later used in cutting out specific parts of clothes from fabrics.

Another name for pattern making can be pattern cutting. This process involves cutting out patterns – parts of a design which will then be sewn together to produce your garment.

sample fashion design

4Get a sample made

Once you have confirmed the materials and finalised your design and tech pack, share it with a preferred sampling studio or manufacturer so they can start the work.

To check that your garment fits correctly, a fitting sample, which is the first sample, is produced. This process is called sample making. Often a toile is used at this stage to save wasted use of your final fabric.

sizing grading clothing

5Sizing & Fit

Once the sample is approved and you’re ready to reproduce your garment in various sizes, the next step is size grading with your pattern.

Pattern grading creates various sizes from the master pattern. Using software or by hand, it is possible to grade sizes up or down using specific measurements, depending if the items are standard or have a certain specified style (like oversized items) or function (like competitive sports uniforms).

If you are not sure on the best sizing for grading, you can ask to use industry standard sizing data to perform size grading. These can usually be provided by the specialist or factory you work with. Note if you are creating items for specific purposes (maternity clothes, competition gear, oversized garments), the standard might not always be your best solution and you should check the samples in a size up and down before preparing your garments for bulk order.

Once all sizes are approved and you know the quantities and breakdown of items per colour and per style, the manufacturer can run an estimate on the required consumption of materials. This will inform you of quantities for fabric and trims you will need to buy or supply to a manufacturer if the factory is not providing the fabric and trims themselves.

fashion clothing production quality

6Bulk production & Quality control

The final step is bulk manufacturing of your clothes. Do not forget to ask the manufacturer about their quality control procedures. It is always simpler to make amendments before the bulk is shipped to you, so asking for pictures of the completed products is a good idea.

Now that you know how this works and what to expect, get started on your first project and submit your first enquiry.