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New York clothing Manufacturers

Sewport connects you with verified clothing manufacturers in New York, making it simpler for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professional and local fashion production factories when starting a new clothing brand.

Top New York clothing Manufacturers

Here, search through our database of verified fashion production professionals and factories to find your ideal business partner.

6 pieces
Min. order
Min. order not specified
50 pieces
Min. order
150 pieces
Min. order
120 pieces
Min. order
120 pieces
Min. order
20 pieces
Min. order
1 pieces
Min. order
150 pieces
Min. order
180 pieces
Min. order
100 pieces
Min. order

See our recent customer reviews of some of our top New York clothing manufacturers.

We collate reviews from designers and entrepreneurs so you can see what like-minded people are saying about our most highly-rated, professional fashion production factories in New York.

From brands with bulk orders to small businesses looking for customised apparel for their clothing line, our customers have found the right manufacturing process for their brands.

Find out how Sewport can help you find a high-quality fashion manufacturing partner in the New York area or anywhere in the world.

Why not make use of the fashion tech that has been created to make your job a lot easier? Find New York based clothing manufacturers that are verified and ready to take on your job.

If you’re looking for product development at the beginning stages of your business or you’ve struggled to find a factory for garment manufacturing with a suitable minimum order quantity, get connected with just the right choice, here on Sewport.



Malend Clothes
New York, USA
100 pcs
Min. order

How long have you been working in fashion manufacturing?

This garment production company was actually founded in 1959, meaning we are one of the longest running fashion production factories in the New York area. With decades of experience under our belts and a wealth of fantastically skilled workers, we have secured a plethora of designer brands within our clientele, alongside hundreds of smaller, more niche labels.

What do you think is special about New York manufacturers?

New York City is the capital of the fashion world. NYC Fashion Week is one of the most watched events in the fashion calendar and that’s because New Yorkers just know about clothes. That’s no different when it comes to manufacturers. We’re right in the middle of the fashion district of the world, which gives us a valuable edge and keeps our vision, skills and quality standards exceptionally high.

What is your favourite thing about working with new designers?

We love working with new designers for so many reasons but right at the beginning of a brand it’s all about the quality of production for these designers and that’s what we’re all about.

New York clothing Manufacturers

  • In New York City alone, 185,000 people are employed in fashion related jobs, paying out over 11 billion dollars in wages.
  • Fashion manufacturing jobs have actually declined by 61% in New York City since 2011.
  • Several initiatives have been launched to remedy this decline in industry within New York, such as the Fashion Manufacturing Initiative. This helps companies with grants to expand and improve their manufacturing companies.
  • Located in the borough of Manhattan is the New York Garment District, where you’ll find showrooms, production and wholesaling studios.

With much focus across all industries on bringing manufacturing back to the United States, New York City is still a hub for fashion and a centre for excellence in clothing manufacturing.

If you’re looking for USA based clothing manufacturers to help build your business into a scalable fashion label, there’s no better place to have your designs created than in New York. Our carefully collated list of New York fashion factories and local manufacturing specialists means that we’ve already done the work for you. We’ve verified each of our New York garment production partners, simply leaving you with the opportunity to get in touch and begin your fashion journey, making finding factories easier than ever before.

Our community of New York-based production factories is ready and waiting to help your business with anything from technical drawings and pattern grading to full package production, including the highest standard quality control procedures.

Starting a clothing line can be complex but using Sewport makes choosing your production partners in New York straightforward and protects you with its completely secure platform and payment system. If you have the vision but need the connections, Sewport can help you find the ideal New York clothing manufacturer to team with your new fashion label.

All About New York

Located on the East coast of the United States of America, New York City sits within the state of New York and consists of five boroughs; Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, The Bronx and Staten Island. With an estimated population of around 8.6 million, it is the most densely populated city in the States. Known for landmarks, such as The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Empire State Building and Times Square, there is an endless list of attractions for those visiting this world-famous city. With around 62 million tourists visiting the city each year, tourism in New York is only increasing year on year.

With the famous Metropolitan Museum of Art nearing the top of the tourism list, another well-frequented spot is the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, where millions flock to pay their respects to the victims of one of Americas most tragic events. New York City has been the star of several global blockbusters, from Home Alone 2 to Great Gatsby, as well as Friends and Sex and The City, proving the city is a favourite for directors of both film and television.

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