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Italy clothing Manufacturers

Sewport connects you with verified clothing manufacturers in Italy, making it simpler for clothing brands and fashion designers to reach professional and local fashion production factories when starting a new clothing brand.

Top Italy clothing Manufacturers

Here, search through our database of verified fashion production professionals and factories to find your ideal business partner.

10 pieces
Min. order
Parafioriti Confezioni
Gambettola, Italy
50 pieces
Min. order
1 meters
Min. order
Fabric House Srl
3 meters
Min. order
Leadford & Logan
1 pieces
Min. order
Montecarlo Look Srl
San Zeno Naviglio, Italy
30 pieces
Min. order
Made In Italy!
Lecce, Italy
500 pieces
Min. order
Gate Eleven srl
Bergamo, Italy
50 pieces
Min. order
Firenze&Moda S.r.l. - Private Label Handbags, Small Leather Goods and Clothes
Signa, Italy
Min. order not specified
Calcinate, Italy
Min. order not specified
Keyvali Ltd
Gallarate, Italy
200 pieces
Min. order
Min. order not specified
EN Sartoria
Limbiate, Italy
Min. order not specified
Emilia-Romagna, Italy
100 pieces
Min. order
50 pieces
Min. order
Mode srl
Carpi, Italy
50 pieces
Min. order
Robertini Danielle
Roma, Italy

See our recent customer reviews of some of our top Italy clothing manufacturers.

We collate reviews from designers and entrepreneurs so you can see what like-minded people are saying about our most highly-rated, professional fashion production factories in Italy.

From brands with bulk orders to small businesses looking for customised apparel for their clothing line, our customers have found the right manufacturing process for their brands.

Find out how Sewport can help you find a high-quality fashion manufacturing partner in Italy or anywhere in the world.

Why not make use of the fashion tech that has been created to make your job a lot easier? Find Italy based clothing manufacturers that are verified and ready to take on your job.

If you’re looking for product development at the beginning stages of your business or you’ve struggled to find a factory for garment manufacturing with a suitable minimum order quantity, get connected with just the right choice, here on Sewport.



150 pcs
Min. order

How long have you been working in fashion manufacturing?

We’ve been manufacturing knitwear for fashion brands for several years now. As a relatively new Italian fashion manufacturer, we see how important innovation, use of technology and having expertise skillsets is in this business and this is what we pride ourselves on the most.

What do you think is special about Italy manufacturers?

There’s something special about the connotations of “made in Italy”. We have a respect for quality and heritage craftsmanship with a constant eye for fashion trends and innovation. I think that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the world.

Our manufacturing company is innovative and dynamic, which means we change and evolve constantly and our fashion clients love that.

What is your favourite thing about working with new designers?

I think it’s the way they love to create something completely new and out of the box. There is nothing wrong with classic style and it will be eternally important to our business but there is something relentlessly exciting about emerging designers and the new vision of fashion that they bring to the table.

Italy clothing Manufacturers

  • In a growing market, the forecast for Italy’s clothes e-commerce revenue for 2021 is $3 billion.
  • Italy ranks at 13 in the Global Revenue Ranking and its revenue in the fashion segment amounts to $5,025 million for 2018.
  • 620,000 people are employed in apparel production in Italy.

Known for its fashion heritage and focus on luxury and high-end quality standards, Italy is a hub for fashion manufacturing. With Milan, as one of the four fashion capitals of the world in its territory, Rome is also growing as a leader in the industry.

If you’re looking for Italy based clothing manufacturers to help build your business into a scalable fashion label, there’s no better place to have your designs created than in Italy. Our carefully collated list of Italy fashion factories and local manufacturing specialists means that we’ve already done the work for you. We’ve verified each of our Italy garment production partners, simply leaving you with the opportunity to get in touch and begin your fashion journey, making finding factories easier than ever before.

Our community of Italy-based production factories is ready and waiting to help your business with anything from technical drawings and pattern grading to full package production, including the highest standard quality control procedures.

Starting a clothing line can be complex but using Sewport makes choosing your production partners in Italy straightforward and protects you with its completely secure platform and payment system. If you have the vision but need the connections, Sewport can help you find the ideal Italy clothing manufacturer to team with your new fashion label.

All About Italy

Located in the heart of Europe, Italy borders France, Switzerland, Vatican City, Slovenia and San Marino and has a population of around 61 million. Most famous for its historical culture, people flock to Italy every year to visit its well-known sites, such as the Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain, Pompeii and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In fact, the country attracts over 50 million tourists every year. Alongside the historical landmarks, which each tell their own story of Italy, holiday-makers travel to the beautiful country to visit natural sights, such as Lake Como, the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

If a city break is more your style, the cities of Italy are sure not to disappoint. From the fashion capital of Milan to the famous canals of Venice, there is an endless list of attractions for tourists in every city throughout Italy. Featuring one of the most visited places in the world, the Sistine Chapel, which sees up to 25,000 visitors a day, The Vatican Museums in Rome are also top of most people’s list when they visit Italy.

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