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1. Sign up as a Manufacturer

If you are a garment factory, sampling studio, pattern cutter, graphic designer or tech pack maker, freelance consultant, sourcing specialist, fabric or trims manufacturer or any other garment production service company. Join hundreds of big and small companies already working with Brands on creating their clothes on Sewport.

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2. Fill out your Profile

Provide information on your capabilities, services you offer, minimum order quantities, garment types you work with, add previous work examples to your portfolio to showcase your company. Make it stand out as you get exposed to thousands of brands worldwide instantly.

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3. Browse Enquiries

Once you complete your profile, you will have access to a listing of enquires brands post looking for manufacturers or service providers like you. See the full brief for a project straight away as brands provide detailed information for your evaluation. Instantly look through the project to decide if it matches your business profile.

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4. Make Proposals

Once you are ready to make an offer, complete a proposal form to send to the brand to accept. Specify the services you will offer, the price, delivery terms, payment terms and your contract terms all conveniently in one single form.

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5. Get Paid Securely

Specify the pay-out terms in the proposal with an amount to be paid before the job starts and an amount to be paid out upon completion of the order. We eliminate the hassle of chasing brands for payment as the Brand deposits the whole amount right away and you get a notification once the money is in, instantly.

Why Sewport?

Pioneering the digital transformation of Fashion Business Communication:

Get notified about new projects instantly
We inform you via email about the best matching projects as soon as they go live, so you can access and read the brief before you engage. Getting you the right type of customers without wasting your time.
Never chase an invoice again
Sewport Escrow pays out to your account in 2 parts: part one is paid before the job starts and part two, the remainder once the order is completed. You submit proof of completion for the brand to accept and the payment is released. As simple as that.
Instant payment proof and easy withdrawals
We will notify you at every step of the payment process from the moment the brand paid for the order to the moment the funds are on their way to your withdrawal account. All you need to do is specify your bank withdrawal details in the payment section of your account.
Attract the best leads
While not all brands make their projects public, some brands will use intelligent filters we offer them to find you and discuss potential plans, orders or request a quote. It is all about relevance and being current
Business Directory & Personal Profile
Get found for what you do, exactly, in a targeted way. While brands zero-in and find you, your profile will save you time on explaining what you can or can't do. Detailed filters for all that is production related is your key to showing up for relevant queries. Faster. Smarter
Manage it all in one place
All aspects of managing customer relations from your very own dashboard. From proposals, files, projects and invoices to conversation archives, parcels, notes and favourites. Use our purpose-built messenger to communicate with your customers conveniently, instantly and without effort. Say no to lengthy emails, there is a better way now.

We get you the right type of leads by showcasing your specialities and show up in search for the compatible queries

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