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Why use sewport for your business transactions

• Requesting quotes from Service providers
• Payments & Invoices
• Releasing funds

Why use sewport's escrow system for business transactions?

A) Your payment details and data is not passed to the Manufacturer/Service provider. All Card details or Account details remain undisclosed to them;

B) The payment process is 128bit SSL encrypted;

C) Paying through Sewport allows you to use an ESCROW account. Negotiating terms of payment with the service provider/manufacturer the total amount of the payment can be split with one part (%) to be paid out before the job starts and the second part (%) after completion of the job.

This allows for more flexible payment terms for you and assurance for the manufacturer that the payment is done in full amount before they start the job.

REMEMBER: encouraging communication and business transactions outside of the Sewport platform is a violation of our T&C and can result in a temporary or permanent account restriction.

Requesting quotes from service providers

For the payment to go through Sewports payment system you will need to request and accept a proposal from the service provider you are in talks with.

While in Chat with the service provider, press the “Request Proposal” button as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the window opens select from whom (choose the manufacturer in the room) and for which project would you like a quote for.

Once the project and the company are selected you will see the related request as a chat message sent to the chosen company.

They can now view your project to quote you on.

This tool is handy if you want an estimate for a project that is Private (not visible to anyone unless you send or share it with the other party).

If the service provider thinks he can offer you their services, you should ask them (or they should supply you) with a proposal.

Open the proposal to view and review it…

Reviewing the proposal

When opening the proposal, you will see something like this:
You can either accept it or decline it.

Payments & invoices

Once the proposal is accepted an invoice is generated automatically in the Payments section.

If you accept the proposal you are requested to complete the payment and by pressing “PAY” you will be taken to the Payment section where you can choose the payment option that best suits your needs (Card or Wire transfer).

Once you complete the payment the status of the invoice in the Payments section will change to “In ESCROW” an email will be sent to you with the invoice.

Please note other possible payment statuses you will see in other cases:

  Awaiting payment
Payment was not yet been made and we all await the payment to be completed.

Payment was made and funds are being processed by Sewport before being paid out.

  In ESCROW (Partially Paid out)
Payment was made, part of the funds were already transferred and the remainder is in Sewport hold until the Brand accepts job completion. After completion, the remainder of the funds will be withdrawn to the service provider.

  Paid out
All funds have been processed and withdrawn to the service providers account (usually takes a couple of business days to arrive).

Something went wrong with the payment and it was returned to the payer.

Transaction was cancelled.

Releasing funds

In cases where the proposal featured a split payment the first part (amount before job starts) is released to the service provider automatically and the second has to be requested/authorized.

The second part of the amount will be in ESCROW until the job is completed and needs to be either released by you or will be requested for release by the service provider. More about using the payment release function read here.

Releasing funds that are in escrow for jobs with split payments (releasing funds for “after the job is completed”)

If your proposal had a split payment condition this section concerns the remaining amount on the ESCROW to be paid out.

As the first part of the payment was already released, the status of the invoice in the Payments section would be “In ESCROW (Partially Paid out) which means the remaining amount is due once the job is completed.

In this case, you can either release the amount yourself, or await the manufacturer to request the release of funds from you.

Releasing the amount yourself

In chat, you select the same buttons as when you used to request proposal from the manufacturer.

But in this case, select the “Release funds” option.

Once selected, a window will open with a selection of invoices that have funds available for release.

This function only applies to invoices work that is completed and the first part was already released (Invoice status in payments should be In ESCROW (partially Paid out).

REMEMBER: You must be in the same room as the Brand for which you are doing the job, otherwise there will not be any available invoices.

Press on “Choose Invoice” and select the right invoice from the drop-down menu:

Once the desired invoice is selected you will be prompted Sewort will be instructed to release the funds to the service provider.

The service provider requesting the release of funds:

In this case, in chat, you will receive a message request to release the funds, where the service provider will specify a reason (example – work is complete) and proof of completion as you agreed in the proposal.

You can review the work results and until the release is granted the status will show as “Awaiting…”

Once you accept the release the status will turn green and change to “Funds released” instructing Sewport to process the remaining amount to your withdrawal account.