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This page will explain the following:

• Making & Sending Proposals on Sewport’s platform
• Getting paid by Brands
• Withdraw funds & Invoices

REMEMBER: The commission is not paid by you the manufacturer or service provider. It is paid by the Brand/Customer. You will receive the amount you requested in your proposal and not less.

Making proposals

To create a proposal for a brand to later get paid is simple & easy:
While in Chat with the customer, press the “Send proposal” button as shown in the screenshot below.

Once the proposal window opens enter all details relevant: services you offer, quantities, price per item, terms of delivery etc. and your user to user agreement.

! Please note that raising a proposal as an EU company to another EU registered company you cannot use a Zero VAT (0 %) rate if the Brand is not VAT registered.
Not sure if the brand is registered? Ask the brand if they are registered as a company and have a VAT number. Then it’s easy to check the VAT status and if it is valid here: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/
If the brand is not VAT registered, you should use the VAT rate applicable to your county of registration (example: 20% in the UK, 23% in Poland, 22% in Italy etc.)

Sending the proposal

Then you send the proposal…

If the client accepts the proposal you will receive an email & chat notification informing you of that. At this point, it is only an intention and you need to await for the Brand to complete the payment too…

If the payment has been made, you will receive an email notification but you can also check the status of the payment in you Payments section.

* Once the proposal is accepted an invoice is generated in the Payments section.

Before the invoice is actually paid the status of this invoice will be “Awaiting payment”. Both the Manufacturer/Service provider and the Brand have the same invoice.

Processing the payment / confirmation

When the proposal is accepted, the client has an opportunity to pay directly through the platform with a payment card or via bank transfer if it's a larger transaction.

The client is prompted to pay and if the payment is successful 3 things will happen:

• Both you and the client receive an email notification that the payment went through and a link to the invoice;
• The status of the invoice will change to “In ESCROW”.

Please note other possible payment statuses you will see in other cases:

  Awaiting payment
Payment was not yet been made and we all await the payment to be completed.

Payment was made and funds are being processed by Sewport before being paid out.

  In ESCROW (Partially Paid out)
Payment was made, part of the funds were already transferred and the remainder is in Sewport hold until the Brand accepts job completion. After completion, the remainder of the funds will be withdrawn to the service provider.

  Paid out
All funds have been processed and withdrawn to the service providers account (usually takes a couple of business days to arrive).

Something went wrong with the payment and it was returned to the payer.

Transaction was cancelled.

Invoices & withdraw of funds

The payment is now confirmed and Sewport will process the payment for you.

The invoice from you to the Brand and the commission invoice can be downloaded in the payments section. Also, both you and the Brand will automatically receive a link to the invoice to your email.

Sewport will now process the payment and pay out the requested amount to you using the bank details you entered in the "Withdraw” section of your Payments settings page.

You can choose between a EU, UK, International accounts as well as PayPal or Payoneer GBP withdrawal accounts.

PayPal and Payoneer use used for companies from counties where we do not yet support direct bank withdrawals: Algeria, Angola, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Burkina Faso, Egypt, Yemen, Venezuela, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Panama, Sudan.

The payout is made directly to the bank account you specified in Pound Sterling (£ / GBP).

It usually takes a couple of business days for the amount to reach your bank account and might take a bit longer if you are not in the EU zone.

If you have any questions, please let us know by contacting support or submitting a question to our team.

In cases where the proposal featured a split payment the first part (amount before job starts) is released to you automatically and the second has to be requested/authorized. Please read more about requesting release of funds in escrow for amounts due after job completion here.

Requesting funds that are in escrow for jobs with split payments (requesting the release of funds for “after the job is completed”)

If your proposal had a split payment condition this section concerns the remaining amount on the ESCROW to be paid out.

As the first part of the payment was already released to you, the status of the invoice in the Payments section would be “In ESCROW (Partially Paid out) which means you are due the remaining amount.

Assuming the job you were hired to do is completed you may now either ask the Brand to release the remaining amount or request this using a chat feature.

In chat, select the same buttons as when you made a proposal to the brand.

But in this case, select the “Request Funds” option.

Once selected, a window will open with a selection of invoices that have funds available for release.

This function only applies to invoices work that is completed and the first part was already released (Invoice status in payments should be In ESCROW (partially Paid out).

REMEMBER: You must be in the same room as the Brand for which you are doing the job, otherwise there will not be any available invoices.

Press on “Choose Invoice” and select the right invoice from the drop-down menu:

Once the desired invoice is selected you will be prompted to enter the reason for the funds to be released (for example you completed the job) and you will be asked to attach proof of completion (photos, waybill, file etc.).

Then, once this form is filled out the Brand will receive a chat message (and an email) informing them that you requested the release of the remaining amount.

The brand can then review the work results and until the release is granted the status will show as “Awaiting…”

Once the brand accepts the release the status will turn green and change to “Funds released” instructing Sewport to process the remaining amount to your withdrawal account.