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Foot Fetishist looking to pay someone £2K to provide socks for bespoke ‘blanket’

by Sewport Support Team  • June 16, 2024 • 2 min read

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At Sewport we’ve processed some weird and wonderful requests through the years as we strive to help designers make their creative vision a reality. No ask is too much for us and after a designer recently got in touch looking to create a bespoke blanket, we are now hoping to help him find the materials he needs to do so.

The designer who is a self-confessed foot fetishist has recently partnered with one of our manufacturers to create himself a blanket made from used socks. However, since partnering with the manufacturer the designer has discovered that he needs at least 150 pairs for his chosen design and so is now on the hunt for a suitable sock donor to supply the materials. Although we haven’t been able to find someone, we did agree to do a public call out to see if a member of the public is willing to send him their socks for the project.

The designer, who has chosen to remain anonymous, specifies that the applicant must be a ‘female who spends the majority of the day on her feet’, however other than that anyone can apply for the role that he’s put £2,000 aside for. We’ve pasted a screenshot of the request below – take a look:

inbox screenshot

Within the request the designer has shared that he is looking to hire the sock donor by mid December, as he wishes to receive all used socks by the end of February 2021 in order to start the manufacturing process the following month. Despite posting the request last week the man is still yet to find a suitable candidate therefore we hope by sharing his appeal we can aid him in finding the perfect ‘donor’ in time.

sketch sock blanket


If you are interested in helping him by donating your socks, please submit your details below:

A Sewport spokesperson said,

“Creating a relationship between a manufacturer and client is basically what our business is all about, so we were thrilled when we helped this particular customer find a suitable manufacturer for his project, however he does need extra assistance with the materials for it. It’s evident how passionate this individual is about his design and as such how desperate he is to find someone to help him make it come to life.

“We understand this isn’t a ‘normal’ opportunity as a sock donor isn’t a job we hear of often, therefore we hope by sharing his request we can help him find the perfect candidate. No skills or particular interests are required, so if you fit the criteria and fancy getting paid to send off your worn socks please get in touch!”


About the author:

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