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Fashion Trends 2020 Shared by 40 Fashion Experts

by Sewport Support Team  • April 13, 2024 • 34 min read

fashion trends 2019-2020

Fashion trends are always changing. The clothes we wear depend on the season but we are inspired by what the celebrities are wearing and what we see in fashion shows. Although, everyday people can't afford buying clothes from famous designers, if you know what items are prefered and how to match them, then you can easily recreate expensive outfits.

There are so many options out there that it can get confusing sometimes. That’s why we, Sewport, decided to make an expert roundup and reach out to 40 fashion specialists which we asked:

What are the main fashion trends of 2019/2020?

The experts featured in this post are fashion influencers, some blog about fashion while others are also designers. They all are very experienced and knowledge regarding fashion and they shared with us their opinions. They talked about what are the trendiest styles, items, fabrics, and also about how the fashion industry is changing its mentality becoming more eco-friendly and sustainable.

To make this post easier to read for you, we arranged the answers by categories and included a few summaries. Enjoy your reading!

Vanessa Valiente - V-Style

Vanessa Valiente - V-Style

The main fashion trends for 2019/2020 are pastels, bold colors, monochromatic looks, feathers, and skirts in general - we have not seen a lot of skirts for a while now and people are tired of jeans.

We saw all these trends during fashion week in September, but more importantly, these are the trends that feel the most fresh and have not been oversaturated the past few years if not the past decade, so it will have staying power.

Monique Loveless - moniqueloveless.com

Monique Loveless

1. Animal Prints & Mixed Prints

Prints galore are here to stay and are ready to wear, with stores like Zara carrying diverse variations with all different styles.

2. Leather

It’s an all year round fabric now which means a must have for your closet. From skirts, dresses, leggings you can’t go wrong with this trend and it’s also why it’s not saying goodbye any time soon.

3. Suiting

Suits are such a powerful statement and I love them. Even better for the Spring/Summer seasons with shorts to make it versatile for all year round.

4. Feathers

Not everyone can be Lady Gaga in Valentino when it comes to feathers but every girl should have a bit of this trend in her closet. Designers such Christian Cowan, Calvin Klein and Michael Kors have made it attainable.

5. Pleated Pants

The 80’s have returned in many ways but this front pleated pant look from that era is now modernized for a fresh perspective.

6. Dress/Skirt over Pants

The dress or skirt over a pair of wide legs gives not only a modest look but a taller look as well.

7. Logo printed Denim

Denim will never go out of style but giving it logo love is a definite way to spruce it up and a way for designers like Balenciaga, Chanel and up and coming designer Andre Emery to have a place to inscribe their logos.

8. Belted Bags

Modern meets the fanny pack so grab one while you can because belt bags are lifesavers while shopping.

Whitney Wanders - whitwanders.com

Whitney Wanders

2019 Top Trends:

  • Neon's
  • Pastels
  • Western Style
  • Bike Shorts
  • Tie Dye
  • Animal Prints
  • Suiting

Neon Brights are paving the way into 2019. Neon greens, pinks and purples were all the rage across the runways this season. Add this trend as a purse, hat or shoes if neon is too overwhelming for you.

If bold colors are not your thing. Pastels are still a big trend. Consider Pastels as the new neutral for 2019. Embrace baby pinks, blues and purples. Make sure to pick up a few pastel colors pieces as the weather starts to turn warmer.

Western was a big theme for 2019 with cowboy boots and fringe all coming down the runways. Use this trend to highlight your individual style.

Animal Prints have always been a popularly trend, but this print has evolved from zebra stripes and leopard spots to snakeskin print being the most popular animal print to dominate.

Power Suits are back in a big way and they help you standout from the crowd. Play up this trend with a bold suit in red or blue. This trend gives off a sophisticated and effortless style.

Bike Shorts is all the rage with the Instagram celebrity, everyone from Kim K to Hailey Baldwin is rocking this trend. I am not sure how wearable this trend is in real life.

Tie Dye is officially back as a core trend for 2019 - no matter how you feel about, expect to see this trend across retailers in jackets, sweatshirts and unique prints.

Ms Nicole René - msnicolerene.com

Ms Nicole René

The main fashion trends for 2019/2020 are:

Bold colors that you can combine on fabric that looks good in the light such as sequins. Great thing about sequin looks now is that you can wear them casual or dressy.

Logo Accessories are back! Wearing logo accessories are going to be very popular going into the year. Chanel, Gucci, Fendi (just to name a few) have been on trend with this.

Fringe and feathers are going to be another trend going into the next couple of years. Fringe can be found on clothing, shoes, and accessories. Feathers can be found on accessories and handbags.

Of course fanny packs aren’t going anywhere. But have you thought about wearing oversized tote bags or doubling your bags? This is a new trend that has been hitting the scenes and was featured on the runways of NYFW.

Heather Loduca - heatherloduca.com

Heather Loduca

Here is what we’re going to be seeing a lot of in the next few years.

1. Soft suiting

Full suits and suit material but fitting in a loose almost pajama type way. Complete matching 3 piece looks and also mixing and matching different suiting material for a complete look. Suit jackets have loose arms and are sitting just below the bum. Pants are high-wasted and loose and not tapered at the bottom but not bell bottom (straight leg).

2. Neon

Either full matching neon top pants and shoes or just a pop in a hat or an accessory, neon is very prominent in fashion for 2019. Think a package of highlighters for the main colors we are seeing and it’s showing up in leggings, fitted tees, bomber jackets and socks.

3. Leopard

Leopard and beige are the biggest pattern and color for next year. We’re seeing different kinds of leopard being put together and also matching leopard with levels of beige.

Shanna Battle - Me and Minnie

Shanna Battle - Me and Minnie

With a New Year come new trends and 2019 is an elevated blast from fashion’s past! The 80’s are back like they never left and every fashion trend all the cool kids loved are back but with an updated twist you could have never predicted in 1982!

1. Neon

No better way to welcome the 80’s back than a bright pop of color and to ease into this uber popular trend use accessories to give a subtle kick to any look and when you’re ready to step it up a notch, pair a neon piece with a neutral one for a nostalgic but fresh look!

2. Fanny Packs

These are NOT the fanny packs your mom used to wear at amusement parks! Everyone from Gucci to Fendi has created their version of this 80’s fashion staple and the ways to style them are endless!

You could go old school and wear them at the hip but to bring this trend into the future, get creative and style them slung over your chest or around your waist!

3. Puff Sleeves

Pump up the volume! First brought back from the fashion dead by Emanuel Ungaro, this trend quickly was seen everywhere from Carolina Herrera to Anrealage.

Pair a puff sleeve top with your favorite straight leg denim and flats for an elevated weekend look or a pair of trousers and pumps for a unique look at the office.

4. Biker Shorts

Please throw the slouch socks and high top sneakers away and take a fresh perspective on this 80’s trend and pair your biker shorts with an oversized sweater and boots, a crisp white button down, oversized blazer and pumps or a cropped sweatshirt and sneakers; minus the aforementioned slouch socks!

And there you have it!

All the trends that will be taking over 2019 and extending their rein into 2020! Let us know what trends you’re excited to try!

Keicia Shanta - Fashion Crush Weekly

Main fashion trends for 2019/2020 costs of a mash up of prints and from seasons ago. Plaid prints are trending from Plaid Blazers to Plaid Pants. Structured knee length dresses paired with a chunky sneakers.

Athleisure Wear that transcends from day to night. Biker shorts paired with Blazers and a pump or a designer sneaker.

Sequin, Silk and Satin are three trends that are most definitely going to transcend from 2019/20.

Oversized trench coats and Puffer jackets in a multitude of colors are dominating the outerwear space.

Tailored suits no matter the brand is never ending trend. Invest in a great tailor to perfect this look. Oversized or Chunky sweaters are still relevant in 2019/20.

Wearable tech is making a bigger presence this year with athletic apparel and outerwear. Tye Dye usually known from DIY projects is coming center stage as designers are making the print more subtle.

Crochet dresses and footwear (i,e sandals ) are also relevant the next two seasons. My favorite trend of all Logo Mania! This covers many spaces from accessories to apparel and will be a constant fixture on runways for the next few seasons.

Nicole Quiroz - IDENTITYrx

Nicole Quiroz - IDENTITYrx

As a fashion designer and owner of my own women's brand, here are my picks for fashion trends for 2019/2020:

1. Athleisure

The athleisure trend has no end in sight. Although this trend has been growing over the last five years, consumers are looking for new ways to wear gym clothes outside the gym.

Expect to see over-sized/exaggerated sleeves on workout tops, hoods and even neon colors. Every woman seeks comfort on her toes, so more and more women will be wearing sneakers with jeans, dresses and shorts.

2. Techwear

A still budding trend within the athleisure scene, techwear is the newest trend still waiting to hit mainstream audiences. Techwear is clothing that is meant to stand against the elements and make life easier.

So expect clothing to have more functionality, such as waterproof tops, lightweight windbreaker jackets and accessories like harnesses, reflective vests and hip belts.

3. Sustainable fashion

People are becoming more aware of the impact they make in the environment. In an effort to reduce waste, consumers are now choosing fashion labels that are eco-conscious.

Expect to see more clothing made with recycled materials, vegan leathers, vintage hand-me-downs and repurposed textiles.

Jason - Alloy Apparel

Jason Alloy Apparel

One look that's sure to pop up in 2019 and beyond is holographic clothing .

There's just something about the pearly, glossy, and shimmery colors of a holographic design that's ultra bold and experimental, without making you look like a six-year-old whose trying too hard to look grown up.

Whether you pair holographic heels with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and a simple top, or go all out with a knee-length holographic coat, you simply can't go wrong with holographs.

Those looking to experiment with holographic clothing can start small (think shoes, nails, bags, and other small accessories) before gradually becoming more and more bold with the look.

Just remember: the easiest way to pull off a holographic look is to pair it with neutral colors like black, white, or pastels, and no matter what--don't wear two holographic items of clothing together!

No matter how you incorporate holographic elements into your look, confidence is the best accessory. So put a smile on and get out there and strut your holographic stuff!

Preeti Mathur - Shop LC

Preeti Mathur - Shop LC

The fashion trends in 2019-2020 include distinct and unique fashion accessories like oversized hats, bamboo bags, shell jewelry and embellished belts. Also, the tie-dye patterns, sequins, fringes, and puffed sleeves will be in trend.

The coming years look for more edgy and crispy styling with patched denims, biking shorts, feminine ruffled dresses and cargo pants in solid colors like red and marigold. To complete the look, retro headscarves, sneakers and flats are also a substantial addition.

2019 is going to be ruled by bold and bright colors. The classic fitted suits are a come back. The modern hippy styling and wonky couture is also a great in according to fashion forecast.

In terms of accessories, feathered earrings, neckpieces, embellished belts, faux fur scarfs and capes are adored by fashion lovers.

Moreover, the jewelry style for 2019 focuses on distinct and unique accessories like, arm cuffs, link chains and crescent hoop earrings.

Jacinta Richmond - Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

Jacinta Richmond - Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival

The trends for 2019 will overlap within target markets, but all will have a hit of:

  • electric bright blue
  • black and white animal print
  • comfort with an edge

For the teen market, they will continue to focus on the 1980's and grunge 1980's. They will switch from the denim shorts and crops to a massive slip dress focus and maxi skirts.

Girls wearing guys clothing is getting bigger all of the time. As the teens move into their 20's fast fashion will struggle with this political generation.

Jumpsuits will continue to be successful but only with the followers of fashion, not the style makers.

For the mature market, look for an edginess to everything. No "boho" but do think Cruise and Resort glamour, as the turban continues it's moment over Summer and in velvet/brocade/beading/sequins for Winter. It's glamour, it's comfortable and very chic. Style, not trend.

The generations are choosing to dress differently from each other again.

Anne Gorrie - Wardrobe Fashion

Anne Gorrie - Wardrobe Fashion

2019 and 2020 look to be big years for redefining style across the world.

With years of experience dressing fashionable women in designer clothing, we are predicting a return to the ’80s as the dominating style trend over the coming year.

This means bold shoulders and sharp tailored lines, with bold busy patterns.

Blazers and pant suits will be the go-to over the winter months, while summer and spring will see the emergence of structured sundresses and skirts.

Cherie Corso - cheriecorso.com

Cherie Corso

1. Capes and jackets. Watch for jackets with the military flare, lots of buttons pocket secret compartments.

2. Clothes are now blend it no seasons for particular close anything goes.

3. Embellish track wear running suits with lots of sequins on them.

4. Comfortable fabrics that don’t have to be dried cleaned.

5. Happy colors, bright colors big patterns.

6. Vinyl shiny fabrics.

7. T-shirt’s with messages.

8. Layers and mixtures of texture.

9. Crazy pants big bright pattern sequence ruffles.

10. Coral is the Pantone color.

Malvika Sheth - Style by Malvika

Malvika Sheth - Style by Malvika

Metallics and Biker Shorts Forecasted To Be Fashion Favorites In 2019 + 2020.

SS19 fashion weeks started to hint that sporty, metallic sheens were going to be all the rage in upcoming years.

From Custo Barcelona's debut of chromed out pieces with bursts of color reminiscent of a discotheque era to Milly's placement of a transparent neon orange coat on top a plain metallic silver mini dress, it's safe to say that this bold trend of time's past is once again a fashion breakthrough.

In addition, the resurgence of biker shorts is a trend that's here to stay. Not only did we see high profile celebrities and regular fashion week go-ers sporting biker shorts with over-sized coats or tops, but even one of the biggest names in luxury fashion, Chanel, validated the trend on the runway.

Katie Tejada - trend:notes

Katie Tejada - trendnotes

The thing about today’s fashion world is that, for the first time ever, anyone can access anything at any time.

Whereas cutting edge looks could once only be found in the nation’s leading fashion magazines, now you just have to scroll through an Instagram feed to see the same piece styled 7 different ways.

As great as this is, it can also be really overwhelming for people looking to incorporate these looks into their everyday wear -- how do you even begin to choose?

For example, bicycle shorts. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Gigi Hadid has cashed in on this spandex-induced craze, but if you’re a non-influencer looking to take part in this trend, wearing skin-tight athletic wear in an everyday situation can be intimidating.

Incorporating this form-fitting look into your wardrobe is super easy though! Need a brunch look? Pair bicycle shorts with a men’s button-up or oversized tee for a sharp, redesign of the traditional shirtdress style. Want something a little more dressed up? Easy.

Give full 90s glamour by throwing a knit sweater and blazer overtop your athletic shorts for a straight-up Rachel Geller inspired style.

Odd-ball shapes - like hearts, skinny ovals, and huge-carpet tassels -- for all your accessories are also another burgeoning trend that can be difficult to style off-filter. Starting off small is the best way to style these looks in the off-camera world.

Hesitant to incorporate large string-tassel earrings into your everyday wear? Giving the side-eye to those neon heart-shaped sunglasses?

Incorporating these styles are easy if you start off small; working these accessories into a simple jeans and t-shirt ensemble or classic LBD gives even the most unstylish non-influencer a chance to adventure into new styles.

Catherine Bachelier Smith - CBS Lifestylist

Catherine Bachelier Smith - CBS Lifestylist

Comfort is King/Queen

The one trend that’s staying....for a long time is COMFORT.

There is a reason why sneakers, yoga pants, and athleisure wear are grossing bigger and bigger numbers each year. Because young and old fashion goers are adopting the attitude that comfort is style.

Gone are the days where women squeeze into a pointy-toe stiletto to look/feel sexy and relevant. Bye-bye sunrise-to-sunset days when men need to wear a three-piece piece suit to get respect.

Pointy-toed shoes and three-piece suits are still important to a carefully curated closet but they are not the only options anymore. Today all fashionistas believe you can be both chic & cozy.

You can easily pair a sharp soft blazer with jersey knit pants and new crisp (emphasis on new and crisp) tennis shoes. Or you can wear a great pair of yoga pants with a cashmere sweater, a beautiful scarf, and polished flats. Both outfits convey sleek, slick and smart.

Comfort is king (or queen). I tell my clients regularly that if you are wearing a dress or slacks that you spend any amount of time tugging at or if you are having trouble walking elegantly because the heel of a shoe is too high, you instantly subtract from you’re over-all swank.

The fit of your outfit including your shoes is paramount. Comfortable clothes need to fit properly otherwise they can present as sloppy.

So here are the rules for staying classy, snazzy and trendy:

1. If you wear sneakers with anything (suit, dress, trousers, etc) they need to be new and unscuffed.

2. When you are incorporating yoga pants in an ensemble, be sure that your top (sweater, blazer, silk tunic) cover your torso thoroughly. If your crotch shows switch to jeans or soft trousers.

3. It’s A-Ok to pair gym-wear (also known as athleisure) with tailored or fancy items. Keep it to one piece (either your jacket, your track pants or fitted tank). This way you’re not confused for the Bikram yoga class that just let out two doors down.

4. Sweats are cool. Hoodies and joggers are astoundingly dapper if you keep the proportions right. Make sure if you’re layering that the first layer is fitted so that overlays feel and look good.

5. Comfort doesn’t mean anything, less than cozy cannot be worn. Study which brands fit you best and work on making it a habit to custom fit your structured pieces to balance your otherwise relaxed clothing items.

No-no's and Stats:

1. Comfort does not mean baggy clothes. Most men over the age of 30 wear 1-1.5 size too large. Women wear them 1/2-1 size too big. 90% of people do not fit off the rack so get to know your local tailor and take your garments in regularly.

When shopping for your unbound duds, be sure to custom fit your sleeves, waistlines, and hems.

Kelly Baum - A Thing of Beauty

Kelly Baum - A Thing of Beauty

As predicted by the "100 Pinterest Trends for 2019", comfy fashion is going to transform from the 'athleisure' to 'comfy chic' with pieces like wrap dresses or robe sweaters that can easily be worn with sneakers, but have a more chic sense of style.

Tortoise is going to make a comeback in accessories - from sunglasses to earrings to bracelets, it's a timeless pattern that complements a lot of the earth tones spotted on Spring 2019 fashion shows.

Michelle DiMarco - Lilac and Lilies

Michelle DiMarco - Lilac and Lilies

Jumpsuits are the ultimate versatile piece of clothing. You can wear them in any weather, day or night, and to work or a party.

They are only one piece, so they are always comfortable, and you can pair them easily with accessories, like shoes and bags.

Jumpsuits are easy to travel with, perfect for the woman on-the-go as well as looks stylish.

One piece of garment that does so much- you can wear it with a belt and do short or long sleeves for a chic look.

Chrissy - Trendy Rompers

Chrissy - Trendy Rompers

A trend I have been noticing is the popularity of maxi rompers. These rompers are fairly new and in high demand. I expect that demand to continue to grow into 2019 as maxi rompers get more spotlight.

Maxi rompers give off the appearance of a romper in the front but a dress in the back. Maxi rompers are often "dressier" than normal rompers and have additional versatility that tradition rompers do not provide.

Ashley Wagner - Rhinestone Rambler

Ashley Wagner - Rhinestone Rambler

I have been praising the day that Western fashion became hot on the runway again, and it isn't going anywhere for a while.

Fringe everything is hot, as well as mustard yellow and turquoise stone jewelry.

Boho influences will also mix with western for spring, leading to a more modern "Almost Famous" feel.


Must-have items you should include in your wardrobe:

Clothes with animal prints , like leopard spots, zebra stripes and snakeskin print which give a bold look to any outfit.

Leather clothes and accessories , like skirts, dresses, bags

Clothes with elements from the '80s style - bold colors, oversized trench coats and jackets, and sequins.

Neon colors , like pink, purple and green neon. Combine a neon colored item with a neutral piece for a great look.

Biker shorts - this trend was most notably started by Kim Kardashian. Paid the biker shorts with a longer top. Depending on the occasion it can be a t-shirt or a jacket.

Athleisure Wear - gym clothes that are worn outside of the gym. Like we mentioned above, biker shorts, yoga pants, sneakers. Combine them with a blazer or a sweater for a casual look.

Comfort is very important and should be a criteria in choosing your clothes. Gone are the days when women had to suffer to look attractive.

Ella Parsons - UK Models

Ella Parson - UK Models

Here are my top tips fashion trends of 2019/2020

1. Take to the Slopes

Think back to the slopes of the eighties, with bold, bright colours contrasting against the thick, white blanket of snow where function meets style, expect for the statement, padded coats, and trousers to keep your look chic, stylish and warm throughout the winter season. With zips and pockets plenty there’s a place for all your essential items.

2. Long Lines of the Twenties

Nostalgic for the roaring 1920s, the long line tops with geometric; art deco patterns are back for the season. Paired with a pleated midi-skirt and belted at the hips, this look brings the sophistication and glamour of the much-loved era. Using bright colors, this trend is bound to make a statement.

3. The Knitted Skirt

The cable knit is heading to the runway in 2019/2020. Expect pencil skirts, full-length maxi styles and wraps to feature a cable knit for a cosy feel for winter. No style is left untouched. Team with a delicate blouse or classic shirt for the ultimate contrast this season.

Allena Rizza - The Better Fit

Allena Rizza - The Better Fit

Netting is a hot trend that is expected to be seen across a multitude of clothing and accessories in 2019. Taking inspiration from a fisherman’s net bag, designers are elevating this simple knotted look to be intricate, detailed, and high-end.

From stilettos with netted designs to Armani leather netted bags, this trend is expected to last through 2019 and into 2020.

Tie-dye started making a comeback over the summer of 2018, and designers have made it clear that this hippie trend is here to stay throughout 2019.

Designers such as Prada have found ways to take these psychedelic colors, mix-and-match colors and create high-end, sophisticated clothing that left a strong impression on runways.

Amber Duncan - Jackie

Amber Duncan - Jackie

Leopard may come and go, but there are so many fun animal prints trending for 2019/2020. We recommend you find one that best fits your personality. It’s bold. It oozes confidence.

For those not comfortable with wearing animal print clothing, a leopard shoe is an incredible statement piece and can be mixed with other bold textures and colors for the ultimate statement look.

Don’t match? Don’t care. Mixing patterns, textures and colors will continue to be popular.

For some, this may seem unbearable, but it is truly on trend and makes the perfect statement just by mixing and thinking outside the "everything must match" box.

Rebecca Kerr - Longina Phillips Designs

Rebecca Kerr - Longina Phillips Designs

In 2019/2010 we are seeing a strong focus on a few key trends.

The first being a resurgence of heritage fabrications and prints , we see this trend emerge as an answer to the saturation of our digital devices and life, the remix of legacy textiles is a key to a more sustainable feeling and wellbeing and acts as a new digital detox.

Another key trend for 2019/2020 is vacation inspired dressing, tropical prints and vibrant summer hues are a key focus for retail with neon pops and tie dye print techniques also adding a sense of excitement for the upcoming season.

This ultra bright look also can be seen in super feminine shapes with the addition of tailored ruffles and a elongated shapes paired back with utilitarian footwear and accessories for an added modern look and feel.

Megan Saunders - Shop Monkees

Megan Saunders - Shop Monkees

The focus of 2019 and beyond is feminine touch. Matching sets, stripes, skirts and midi’s are huge!

My favorite trend so far this season are flowy skirts!

Dress them up or down; throw on your favorite sneaker and t-shirt for a more casual look or dress it up with a feminine top with swiss dot embroidery and strappy heels!

Look for a bright palette to rule the year – including rainbow print.

Natalie Peterson - Mom Made Chic

Natalie Peterson - Mom Made Chic

Last year we saw a reemergence of 60's and 70's fashion. Flared pants, tie dye, loose cropped tops. We will be seeing more of this in 2019.

Expect to see a lot more fringe. I would also expect to see more of those 70's colors -- think burnt orange, olive greens, and mustard yellows .

Another trend that is going to continue into the next year is classical styling combined with feminine details . We'll be seeing puffed sleeves and bows combined with otherwise simple pieces.

We will be seeing a lot of neutrals to go with this sort of styling - camel, cream, and a dusty rose shade of pink.

Jaclyn McCabe - Jaci Blue

Jaclyn McCabe - Jaci Blue

For 2019/2020, expect to reup your wrap dress collection. These classic, universally adored pieces are trending this year thanks to their wild versatility.

Wrap dresses and tops complement curves and succeed across a wide variety of prints, textures, and lengths.

At a moment when women are struggling for equal treatment in the workplace, there is a collective need for styles that mean business without sacrificing femininity. Wrap dresses fit the bill, in every season.

Susan DelPriore - Magnolia Boutique

Susan DelPriore - Magnolia Boutique

Many women are afraid to wear heels or wedges, especially with more casual ensembles, but these shoes can add length to your legs. This trend makes that jeans and tee combo appear fashion-forward and chic.

Choose an option with a kitten-style or thicker heel and wider toe if you're worried about discomforts usually associated with this footwear.

Some women avoid hats in favor of styling their hair, but these babies can cover up bad hair days and keep you looking trendy. This is true for beanies during the colder months and cute floppy styles during warmer seasons. Like heels, a hat can add a polished look to any casual outfit.

Finally, there are individuals who fully embrace the crop-top style seen on nearly every Insta page, but others are skeptical. That's a shame!

A crop top can add a laid-back feel to your ensemble. If you're not sold, try adding a flannel shirt buttoned up a bit or a kimono cardigan over top. Additionally, pair a crop top with high-waisted jeans for a totally casual vibe that covers you up a little more.

Chiara and Gloria Piscedda - ChiGlo

Chiara and Gloria Piscedda - ChiGlo

We think that long and tiered dresses - an expression of romanticism and femininity - will remain a huge trend for 2019, for all seasons.

We also predict that pure all-white outfits , which effortlessly make sophistication come alive, as well as the blazer, an element that adds character and is capable of transforming every look, will be very popular go-to choices in the upcoming season.


Feminine clothes, like skirts, wrap dresses are back in fashion. Women are tired of jeans.

Skirts and dresses over pants is a way of combining them both to feel comfortable and look stylish.

Knitted Skirts are a must-have item in 2019.

Pastel colors such as baby pinks, blues, purples, cream, camel, are easy to pair to achieve a casual or elegant look.

Gina Ozhuthual - Bohemian Mama

Gina Ozhuthual - Bohemian Mama

With fashion being the third most polluting industry in the world we are seeing a heightened awareness and desire for sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing.

Other trends for 2019 include skinny tailoring and super-short party dresses aimed at a new legion of millennial-savvy customers. You can expect structured blazers, bold shoulders, neutrals, and netting.

The new year also beckons in bold florals and polka dots , while washed out denim and biker shorts(a more elevated version) are here to stay.

Debbie - The Last Debutante

Debbie The - Last Debutante

1. Delicate/feminine fits and fabrics. Think puffy shoulders, cute necklines, ruche(-ing), tulle and satin materials.

2. Sustainable fashion. With more and more news and data surrounding climate change and the condition of the oceans, more brands and consumers alike are looking to reduce their carbon footprint one way or another.

From using recycled materials to create clothes, to recycling programs [H&M], to thrifting and vintage shopping.

3. Sneakers. They're here to stay. The fashion community likes being comfy even if they aren’t the prettiest. Deal with it.

Claire Goldsworthy - The Fashion Advocate

Claire Goldsworthy - The Fashion Advocate

The fashion industry is shifting. We now live in a digital age where data is king and transparency is key. Top players are no longer signified by their annual sales, but rather their global impact.

While Zara’s Founder, Amancio Ortega, may still be one of the world’s top ten richest men, money no longer reigns supreme with consumers, who are now demanding transparency, knowledge, and sustainability.

Garment by garment, the fashion industry is changing for the better and consumers are shaping this change. Trans-seasonal garments are being chosen over mass-produced fast fashion trends; well-made and quality wearables are the new wardrobe staples; fast fashion is no longer Insta-worthy.

If brands and businesses do not follow suit and continue to improve their supply chains or invest in sustainable and circular operation, they will feel the power of consumers and buckle.

Sustainability, ethics and circularity are the key words in fashion for 2019/2020, and they will remain for decades to come while we reshape, refashion and reinvent the way we consume fashion.

Australian designers have been leading the charge for years and now is their time to shine. With international conglomerates and household clothing names hanging in the balance with their unethical actions now exposed (think: Burberry burning scandal), no supply chain is safe from scrutiny, and small independent labels are the new go-to.

Natural fabrics, biodegradable materials and eco-friendly options are more valuable than the old-world charm of ‘luxury’ brand names, and transparency is expected.

2019/2020 will see a global awareness raised in fashion; march after march, women will bring the pressure of fast fashion to the forefront, making known their sufferings and demanding change.

Feminism will emerge in countries previously oppressed, and so too will strong female workers who will pave the way forward for the fashion industry. The future of fashion is not about colour, trends or silhouettes, rather the value we see in clothing and need to change consumerism.

Cait Bagby - World Threads Traveler

Cait Bagby - World Threads Traveler

2019 is the year for sustainability . Eco fashion might not seem like an obvious trend; you can’t point to one garment style or another. However, brands have started to listen to consumer demands and the need for responsible clothing.

2019 is the year for championing women’s rights, environmentalism, and the larger global interconnectedness through what you wear. With the help of Meghan Markle sneaker brand, Veja, was catapulted onto global “must have lists”.

Influencers have helped give way to cool-girl sustainable brands Reformation and Everlane. Consumers now want to know where their products are made, who made them, and what are the garments made from.

Manufacturers who are finding ways to satisfy this growing trend are the ones who will benefit.

Leah Wise - StyleWise

Leah Wise - StyleWise

I predict that a major trend this year will be sustainable and green fashion .

"Sustainable " was a big buzzword in fashion in 2018 and recent reports suggest that fashion consumers are more motivated than ever to shop brands that claim a sustainable or ethical premise.

In addition to socially-minded branding, '80s prep - think fleecewear and oversized polos - and late '90s/early 2000s feminine styles - like square necklines and low rise jeans - are making a comeback.

Marianna Sachse - Jackalo

Marianna Sachse - Jackalo

I think the two trends that really stand out to me are conscious consumption and minimalism .

A recent KPMG report highlighted the rise of the conscious consumer, and I couldn't agree more.

Millennials are really leading the pack when asking where their clothes come from and who made them. Asking these questions is moving out of the fringes, and into the norm.

More and more people want to know the story behind the clothes they buy and feel confident that the companies they support aren't just focused on making more money.

Even before Marie Kondo hit Netlfix, Minimalism was coming to the fore as another trend to watch. This means that people are buying fewer, but better pieces. Garments that are versatile and high quality. Garments that are designed to last.

The blog the Minimalist Wardrobe has spiked in popularity. And with good reason! It is totally possible to create an interesting and attractive wardrobe without having hundreds of items.

And as the owner of a children's brand, I love it when people begin to think about these two trends for kids.

What's good for adults is good for kids, and we need to be thinking more about where our kids clothes come from too!

Lola Catero - Majoritee

Lola Catero - Majoritee

From the trailblazers like Warby Parker and Everlane to recent rocket ships like Allbirds, consumers have proved there’s a demand for brands that practice radical transparency and have purpose-driven missions.

And as brands face fierce competition from global and online players, they will need to do some soul-searching to identify what makes them distinctly, deeply connect with consumers.

The brands that will see the most success will be the ones that connect with consumers on a mission and values level.

The style, technique and quality of materials are a given.

Conscious brands like ADAY and Freda Salvador are aspirational and net positive. They are like the best friend you admire, out there impacting the world and looking extra fine doing it. If you can be that brand right now, you’re in.

Dana Todd - Balodana

Dana Todd - Balodana

Three of the biggest trends I’m seeing for 2019 are Personalization, Body Fit and Sustainability – all of which are addressed by custom clothing manufacturing.

Custom-tailored clothing is experiencing a renaissance and there will be a major increase in consumer adoption and brands offering personal fit fashions, particularly for the emerging women’s market.

WWD recently reported made-to-measure is outpacing off-the-rack, indicating potential for breakaway growth in the next few years.

Women of all ages are frustrated with body fit issues and sustainability concerns, and they are actively seeking alternatives. The result is a mass exodus of customers from traditional retail and a “buy 3, return 2” internet buying behavior that hurts companies and the environment.

Thanks to advancements in technology plus a new generation of bespoke designers, women who want a perfect fit are learning they have more choices than ever.

They can bypass the retail supply chain entirely and buy directly from a designer anywhere in the world, which gives them access to higher quality clothing and new undiscovered designers.

Specialty marketplaces such as Balodana are working to make it easier for customers to shop by centralizing measurement profiles and aggregating bespoke brands.

Dana Dinerman - Hulabelle

Dana Dinerman - Hulabelle

I am a resort wear designer from the United States. My line was created initially due to my on-going battle with breast cancer. I wanted to change how items were made and allow there to be more inclusiveness for those of us who may have physical concerns.

I am going to predict what we are already seeing as a trend and that is more inclusive pieces for women in particular.

For example, we are now seeing swimwear brands starting to consider women of all shapes and sizes etc.

I have a huge scar where my right breast used to be. I have to be careful as to what I wear. At first, all of this was backroom fall appointments only and it made me quite upset.

I wanted to be treated like everyone else and have the same options as everyone else too. So there is a movement that is happening which is allowing women to feel beautiful in pieces being put out by designers.


Sustainability is a huge trend which focuses on the following elements:

Eco-friendly, natural fabrics, biodegradable materials

Trans-seasonal garments

Vintage clothes


Vegan leather

Men’s fashion

Joseph Federico - Darpan

Joseph Federico - Darpan

Men’s winter trends are pretty simple yet stellar. Cross-body bags are a must for the modern gentleman, in all sizes and colors. After all, how else would you be a jetsetter?

Plaid jackets and sweatshirts are hot at the moment, as well as oversized woolen scarves.

If you’re looking for long term 2019/20, the same trends for men will evolve into the spring and summer months.

Looking for a man bag? It’s gotta be smaller and brown or black in color. Think sleek.

Plaid jackets will turn into plaid button down shirts and shorter shorts.

And those woolen scarves? Light cotton infinity scarves will be all the rage.

Dalton Primeaux - The WearHouseDistrict

Dalton Primeaux The - WearHouseDistrict

There are so many men's fashion trends for spring 2019 that I'm really pumped for. There's a ton of 90's grunge vibes still going strong for spring, as well as a return to a few bohemian styles. Tie dye will be reemerging, especially in streetwear.

Along with cycling sunglasses - such a fun sporty look! Bucket hats are already making a comeback. As are short shorts.

I think we can anticipate to see a lot of really bright white pieces later in the season. I also think reptile prints, like snake prints, will start sneaking into our wardrobes too! All in all I think the spring and summer seasons will be really fun for menswear.

Although this article is focusing mostly on women’s fashion, we wanted to not forget our beloved men and we also included a few tips for them.

This way, next time when you are going shopping you will know what gift to buy for your partner.

Special thanks to all the fashion bloggers that participated to this expert roundup and to Minuca Elena for creating the post.

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